Our core values building lastbit



We believe in a future where crypto can be used as a currency. Driving merchant adoption for direct crypto transactions stems from user demand. We're solving this chicken and egg problem by building this bridge.



During our time at Silicon Valley, we learned what it takes to build something that's sustainable for the next billion users. Several FinTech and payment apps today offer a user experience far superior to any bitcoin based application. For mass adoption, features that mimic the simplicity of today's payments UX is imperative. This is what we are building.



Customer interviews revealed to us the way crypto is viewed by the masses today. We could either build a small product and survive as a small business catering to the needs of a tiny segment or play it big and build a product that could potentially reach millions of users if executed correctly. Bitcoin owners are significantly more comfortable spending Bitcoin that is earned as opposed to Bitcoin that is bought, today.


Security & Sovereignty

Bitcoin was created to enable a new method of financial independence and sovereignty. The lightning network brings this vision one step closer to reality. Working with fiat currencies is challenging and subject to regulation. We strive to strike a balance between regulation and independence by building tools that can preserve the core values offered by bitcoin without compromising usage. Contact us to learn more about our Lightning as a Service offering.


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Nominated for Young Achiever at H-Farm's Bold Awards 2019 in Venice

3rd Place at the InnoEnergy Power up 2019 national finals in Riga

Official Exhibitor at TechCrunch Disrupt 2019 in San Francisco

Voted as one of the 100 hottest fintech startups at Money 20/20 2019 in Las Vegas

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