One Global Currency

We want to make it possible to walk into a shop, buy a cup of coffee and pay for it with bitcoin even if the merchant doesn’t accept it.

We are building the lastbit Go to prove to the world that crypto as a currency is the future much like how Tesla built the Roadster to prove that electric cars are the future.



Secure Element

Secure Flash

Security and ease of use is at the core of the Go. Using the latest advancements in microcontroller security we are able to allow the user to safely store funds offline for the long term on a secure element (micro-SD card) while always still being able to spend funds from an on-chip secure wallet isolated by ARM’s TrustZone, all derived from the same mnemonic encrypted and stored on your micro-SD card and on paper. The Go talks to our mobile application via BLE.

Help us make crypto mainstream!


We’re currently a small team of 7 with several key advisors, living and working in Silicon Valley from UC Berkeley. Lastbit started off as an idea in September 2017 when Prashanth was pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Having been exposed to the Bitcoin space early on in his studies, he set out to solve the problem of not being able to really use Bitcoin in the real world, without compromising on the ideals of Bitcoin. The two key problems to be tackled were the latency of Bitcoin transactions and the deliverance of fiat to the merchant, all to be done in real time. At this point, we have a fully functioning MVP that solves exactly these two problems.

Now, our sole focus is on completing the engineering of our lightning spending solution before we can fully focus on building out the hardware aspect. We believe in complete transparency and being a team of crypto users, we want your feedback on how to make the world’s most secure and friendliest device before we take it to the masses.
Our end goal still remains the idea of being able to walk into a shop and spend crypto even if the merchant doesn’t accept it – without compromising on the ideals of Bitcoin, i.e. imagine being able to tap your hardware wallet against a credit card machine and pay with bitcoin instantly!

Our Team

Prashanth B


Engineering/Business Development

Ashvin Panicker


Director of Mobile Development

Pratham Mehta

App developer

Kristo Mägi


Ex-Skype, Ex-Deekit

Kaili Kleemeier


Ex-Skype, Ex-Deekit



Nominated for the Young Acheiver at H-Farm’s Bold Awards 2019 in Venice

3rd place at the InnoEnergy Power up 2019 national finals in Riga