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Store & Spend

Bitcoin Wallet

Segwit & Native Segwit enabled intuitive, comprehensive, fully open-source cross-platform bitcoin wallet.

Lightning Wallet

Custodial & non-custodial (optional) lightning network wallet with ease of use at it’s core. Get started with lightning payments today. Send/receive bitcoin instantly from other lastbit users through lastbit ID’s.

Virtual Debit Card

Top up your personal, disposable virtual debit card exclusively through lightning transactions and begin spending at any store that accepts MasterCard.

For Users

IBAN Account

Make a SEPA transfer to a dedicated crypto-friendly IBAN which automatically invests back into bitcoin and/or altcoins based on a powerful, custom investment strategy.

Auto Re-Invest

Re-invest back into a custom diversified crypto portfolio when you spend bitcoin over lightning, using custom user-defined investment strategies (Eg: Dollar cost average or based on hash rate, volume etc.)

Be your own bank

For advanced users – Run your own bitcoin and/or lightning node to use with our virtual debit card service. Get your re-invested bitcoin delivered straight to your own lightning node.

Lightning powered virtual debit cards

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